Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Tour of California ROCKED Escondido!!!

WOW, what a weekend! We have been looking forward to the Tour of California to come to Escondido for MONTHS! And knowing we were going to party like rock stars in the VIP tent... ahhhhh... we couldn't WAIT! Sunday was AMAZING! Our day began at 9AM at the start line in Rancho Bernardo... checking out the scene... getting some cow bells, chalk, boomers and posters... checking out the VIP tent. We took Anna with us to the start so she could see what Mommy and Daddy were so excited about... she LOVED it!

After dropping Anna back at home with Jessica, we drove about 2 miles from our house to the finish line. We checked out the cool lifestyle fair and then went to our party... SOOOO COOL! Yeah for 3-time winner of the Tour of California, Levi Leipheimer, and Team Astana, who TOTALLY ROCKED! The rest of the story can be told with pictures... enjoy!
Jeff with Lance's bike... the one that was stolen... it's back!
The next 4 photos are from friend and photographer, Dan Kirksey, taken about 2 blocks from our house. Here are the two stage leaders racing toward the finish.

Nice shot of Tour winner, Levi Leipheimer (3rd from back, in yellow)... Lance is right in front of Levi.

Cool shot of the peleton riding on the streets in our neighborhood and all the support vehicles right behind the riders.

Woo Hoo!! Going to our party... :-)

Jeff was drinking red wine while I was enjoying some cold beer. We noshed all afternoon on appetizers, fruit and cheese. They served warm cookies after the race.

That is me (with my back to the camera)... live race feed and stats in the tent, nice company... a great afternoon!

THE FINISH! Top right is the stage winner.

The overall jersey winners.
ROCKING Team Astana! There's Lance, right in the middle.
... and the traditional explosion and spray of champagne.
(again, Lance in the middle.)
Hope DOES ride again, Sweetheart! Can't wait to watch you ride your next century in about 2 months! Thank you for sharing this AMAZING day with me, Sweetheart! I love you!


Jeff said...

Thanks for such a great time.
I Love You!

Pamela Ann said...

WOW! I love the pics. You have some awesome ones to scrapbook. Looks like a wonderful time for you both.