Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last game of the Regular Season - OGHS Varsity Basketball

Oceanside, you can try to swat Chris while he is shooting 3's,
but it won't work... :-)

Last night was the final game of the regular basketball season for our Varsity OGHS Patriots. As I am typing this, we are waiting to find out if we qualified for CIF Playoffs... enjoy these shots of the game and Anna being... well... Anna... :-)
What else do 4-year old cheerleaders do at a game...?
They break out the dolls!
Peyton and Anna... yeah, they are just toooooo cute!

I LOVE this picture of Dor... with the little cheerleaders in the welcome line with the big cheerleaders in the background... SO CUTE!

Come on, Chris, rain some points for OGHS!!!

The big cheerleaders preparing to perform at halftime...

... and the little cheerleaders (and Peyton) getting ready to perform from the sidelines...

Anna doing one of her favorite cheers for the crowd.

Oh, the attitude already... Lord help us... :-)

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