Saturday, February 7, 2009

FREAK Storm in Escondido... "Snow" and Flooding!

Looks like we live next to a river... No, we live on a corner... there are supposed to be streets and sidewalks under there...

Our poor tropical plants... don't know how they will handle this weather, but they sure are beautiful backdrops for the hail!

WOW!!! Living in San Diego county, our typical weather is... well... typical! Perfect weather most of the time, cooler weather and a few rain drops in the winter, followed by more perfect weather... Even when we are on (Da, Da, Da) "STORM WATCH," we may get some sprinkling with a few minutes of rain, and the storm is over. Which explains why we are in such a serious drought...

So... we have had a pretty decent weather system come through in the past 24 hours (decent for us... nothing compared to what you get back east!). It had been dry for about 5 hours and there was even some blue in the sky. When all of a sudden, this black cloud comes out of nowhere and the sky started falling!!! It started POURING and a few minutes later it started HAILING... WHAT!? Then it started flooding... hailing, rain, and flooding... all the neighbors started gathering outside, hooting and cheering... the boys started talking about "tubeing" down the street... the storm was so fast and so unusual that we were all stunned! Within about 10 minutes, you couldn't see the street anymore... it was one big river. Trash cans started floating down the street... heck, there were currents in the water in the street! It lasted a good 25 minutes or so and it was AWESOME!!! And it was FREEZING... seriously... I was out there in my bare feet taking pictures when my feet started freezing... this is San Diego, what is that about!? The water level came up so fast, we did have a bit of flooding in our office and garage, but all is fine... flooding in the house... SO WEIRD! Jeff, Anna and I had an impromptu "snowball fight"... what a COOL STORM!!! It is starting to cloud up again... can't wait to see if there is more!!! WOO HOO!!!

It sure does look like snow, doesn't it!? :-)

These are not the small, green waste trash cans floating down the street... they are the huge HEAVY cans!!!

Jeff loves "tree" pictures, so I had to take this one of our front median... with a pile of "snow"... where our driveway used to be...

Yes, we have deep curbs, but a current in the river in the street!? CRAZY!!!

I thought this was a cool picture of the "snow" on our grass.

Our neighbors (Hi, Tom and Sandy!) celebrating this AWESOME weather!!! Looks like it is snowing to me!!!


Toni said...

OMG!!! I wish we had some of that over here in Sydney Australia. We're in a heatwave here. It was 43deg yesterday (109F) and expected to be hotter today. I'm praying for a storm this afternoon to cool things off a bit. Hope you and your family are well Tracey.
Toni x

TxScrapAddict said...

Too weird!!

Brenda said...

Wow, that looks scary with all that water! Glad you didn't have too much flooding!