Monday, September 1, 2008

Scrapbook Expo... WHEW!

What a weekend! For the past several days I have been working for Rusty Pickle at the San Diego Scrapbook Expo. Hard work, long hours, honest pay... and a TON of fun! I was working with two of my Rusty Pickle team mates, Libby and Casey... it was GREAT to catch up with you guys!!! Here are a few pictures of the weekend from starting to set up the booth (with just the grids up), to a cute photo of Miss Libby, to the thumbs up (clean up is done and we are going home!) Hope you enjoy your Labor Day and have a GREAT week!


Pamela Ann said...

Looks fun!

Beckie Dreyer said...

Ooo so wish I could work one of those!! Hey ... how big are those trunks, I have a feeling I may just need to get one to bring more stuff home in!!! I can't WAIT to meet you!