Saturday, September 6, 2008


Chris' first Varsity football game... he was a starter on the Offensive team... tight end... AND HE WAS AWESOME... ohhhh, and safe (thank GOD!!!) There was one play in particular where it was a 4th down... they had to make the play or the ball would go to the other team... he caught the pass... the other team tried to take him down and he almost went down, but he kept running and got the first down... Jeff and I were jumping up and down in the stands, hugging each other... cheering and saying, "THAT WAS CHRIS... THAT WAS OUR SON!!!" Yes... we are TOTAL Goofy Goobers when it comes to our kids and Chris did a great job last night. Of course, so did the rest of the team...winning their first game of the season... matching their winning streak from all of last year (yes, they were 1-8 last year...) But this is a whole new year and we can HARDLY WAIT to see what they boys can do this year! These are pics of the boys and cheerleaders right after the win, singing the OGHS Fight Song to the crowd, and a pic of Chris after the game...just before he grabbed me for a big, sweaty, smelly hug... and I loved it!!! :-) GO PATRIOTS!!!

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Beckie Dreyer said...

One proud mum you must be!
Hope all is well