Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chris made CIF!!!

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! Saturday was the League Championships for swim... our first experience with swim finals!!! I must say, with all the other sports that Chris does, this was the most relaxed... the parents, atheletes and coaches seemed to all get along and support each other... great to see since that is not always what we see! Our team did well provided we have a very small team... we placed 4th of 7! VERY exciting for our team!!! Better yet... our "little freshman that could" made CIF!!! SERIOUSLY... Chris was pulled up to the 200m Freestyle Relay meaning 4 swimmers each do 50 meters... 2 laps... the sprint of the swim world. Chris... our Freshman... is now a CIF athlete... CAN YOU TELL how darn proud we are of him!? GO, CHRIS!! GO, OGHS SWIM!! ((( Mom, beaming with pride )))

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Pamela Ann said...

Wonderful job!!! I know you are proud Tracey!! Great pics to.You have some fun ones to scrap :o)