Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Blessed Christmas Season...

29 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year... NOT ENOUGH TIME!  We thought we finally had a year to enjoy the holidays... Chris decided NOT to play basketball this year, meaning NO pre-season holiday tournaments.  So... we made plans... then, mid December, Chris was asked by the coach to reconsider and join the team... and Chris said yes... needless to say, with as much as we enjoy Basketball season, we were DOUBLE scheduled... trying to get Chris to practices and games while we had plans... but we love Chris and our OGHS Patriots, so... here we go again!!!

This short Christmas season seemed a bit odd... we missed our annual Christmas light drive AND we didn't do any baking.  BUT, we did several new things!  We took Anna to see "The Nutcracker" at the Center for the Arts and saw the "Tree Lighting" at the Center (with the Christmas Angel on stilts and SNOW with friend, Julian!) 

We had a blast at the Progressive Dinner with our OGHS friends... it was a PJ party this year... yes, even the guys wore their PJ's!  (For the record... the photo of the boys was at the START of the night... the photo of the gals was at our house... we had the main course... and we had all had a "few" cocktails... too bad we weren't having any fun!)

We enjoyed dinner party after dinner party with friends Lynda and Phil and we TOTALLY LOVED our night with new friends Daniella and Alex and Daniella's parents (Joseph & Goldie from Slovakia) and their homemade Kapustnica (traditional Slovak Christmas soup with sausage, mushrooms, & sauerkraut.... YUM!)... and the Slovak braided cheese and cookies.... OH YEAH!

We went to Disneyland for the first time during Christmas and saw it snow on Main Street and at "It's A Small World!"  

The Christmas parade was so fun and we saw SANTA!  

Oh, and Sleeping Beauty's Castle... spectacular!!!  It was a PERFECT "get away day!"  

Jeff and I also helped with Anna's Kindergarten Christmas Pajama party... YES... they were actually allowed to have a "Christmas" party ... (don't get me started about having to be PC in Kindergarten...!)  It was a fun little party with lots of junk food, sweets, and treats.  I was even able to run a little Christmas Triva game with the class... the kids LOVED it!!! 

Christmas Eve was scheduled to be the same as past years... Jeff got up early to "go to the office" and was out for hours Christmas shopping for me... Mom and Dad arrived around noon... we had lunch... went to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave's house for a cocktail before church (COME ON... we are Irish Catholics, after all!)... headed home after church so Mom and I could make food for the next day while everyone else watched the original "Grinch"... write a letter for Santa... put out fresh baked cookies and egg nog for Santa and celery for the reindeer... take some pictures of Anna in front of the tree in her PJ's... read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and get the kids in bed.  (Actually, the teens were with their boy/girl friend families and got home around midnight).  Then, as the house quieted down and we all went to bed, Jeff stayed up (to wrap my gifts) and watch "It's A Wonderful Life!"  One of our FAVORITE movies!  Finally, Santa arrived to create the MAGIC of Christmas! 

It was a GREAT holiday with our family and friends.  We are sooooo blessed!  I hope you enjoy these photos and have a wonderful holiday with your family!!!

 Oh... and did I tell you HOW MUCH Dad loves "little" 6-month old Abby!? 
Dad LOVES getting kisses from the dog that "can't hold her licker..." 
My Dad is soooooo darn cute!!! ;-)

Abby was SOOOOO CUTE during her first Christmas! 
She even learned how to open her presents!!!


silvia said...

Tracey~ WOW, You had a super busy Christmas!! LOVE your pics, especially Cinderella's castle, the Nutcracker fairy and Abbey opening her present. Progressive dinner sounds like a blast!!

laterg8r said...

what a busy christmas but you look like you had a blast :D