Monday, January 19, 2009

OGHS Basketball, SPHS Cheer... What a Week!

Alright... to clear up any confusion, my son, Chris, is a student and athlete at OGHS... his girlfriend is Nicola who is a student and cheerleader at SPHS. Yes, the schools might be cross town rivals, but in this house we can support both. This week we had THREE Varsity basketball games... Ramona, Valley Center and Escondido. Looks like Chris found his mojo and is putting up some great points and great defense... like the 3-point basket below... SWISH! Anna had more fun cheering and playing with (or should I say flirting with) little Peyton Plash (son of the head Varsity football coach and the cheer coach at OGHS!) Peyton and Anna are the cutest things ever... her in the cheer uniform... him in the t-shirt that says, "OGHS Football... the FUTURE!" TOO CUTE! Jessica was down for the weekend and attended two of the games to support her alma matter. Check out her cool new glasses!
Sunday, we spent the day in Long Beach to support Nicola and the SPHS Cheerleaders at a competition. I just love going to competitions and SPHS is AWESOME!!! They tumble, jump, throw, dance... just FANTASTIC!!! And Nicola... WOW! Her pike jump... SERIOUSLY!!! She is like a pancake in the air!!! YOU ROCK, GIRL! (Yes, I admit, I am a bit of a proud "adoped Mama!") The SPHS parents thought it was really cool that we were there to support Nicola and their team... we thought it was really cool that we were invited to the event and to lunch at GameWorks with the team! At the end of the day, we are all parents in the city of Escondido and we all support our kids... no matter what school they go to, WE ALL support OUR kids! Although the team didn't place like they should have (in my opinion they were robbed!), they have already qualified for Nationals... I told you... they are REALLY GOOD! Have a GREAT day!!!

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Pamela Ann said...

Looks like a fun time! Anna is so cute,and she already is making eyes at the boys.LOL.