Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Need Some SCRAP Therapy...

No word yet on MMM winners... and no word on the new members for the Fancy Pants team. I need some SCRAP THERAPY! Any of you out there waiting for one or both of these calls, too!? Good luck to us all and may we get word of the winners before there is a wide-spread shortage of all things chocolate!!!

Since I have been stalking the scrap boards for about a week and have ignored my blog, here is a quick catch up... We have a Serbian Exchange Student staying here at the moment. We received word last Monday morning that he would be here that afternoon... talk about speed cleaning! He will be leaving us this weekend, but we sure have had a great time getting to know Stephan and all about his country!!!
This past weekend, we went up to our favorite "stay-cation" in Oak View (just inland from Ventura, near Ojai). My Grandfather built "The Lot" about 50 years ago and it has always been the vacation house for all the family members. I have the BEST memories about going up there as a child... Granddaddy giving my sister and me rides (for hours) in the trailer he built to hook up to the back of his tractor... playing "school" in the covered front patio... running around and playing on the property. This weekend, it was Jeff's turn to get out that same tractor, hook up the trailer, and take Anna on ride, after ride, after ride. I sat there with tears in my eyes and goosebumps as I remembered... and I swear that I could feel Granddaddy standing right next to me... smiling too...

We went up to The Lot for Jeff's annual ride with his frat brother, Dave, in the Cool Breeze Century. The boys decided to take it easy and (only) ride the metric century this year. They finished over an hour faster than they figured! They did GREAT... and doesn't Jeff look CUTE! As we do each year, Dave and his family (Hi Mari and Shane!) joined us after the race for a wonderful afternoon of catching up and playing... and a nice dinner, too! It was a WONDERFUL weekend!

Alright... back to scrapping... working on a layout of those tractor/trailer rides... :-)


Laurajean said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for ya girl...I know this must be driving you crazy...I know I would be going insane :o) You so deserve it...you are so talented ;)
I lOVE that photo of Ms. Anna, she's getting so big, and just so beautiful ;o)
You had better email us when you find out girlie ;o)

Pamela Ann said...

Good luck,Sure miss seeing your stuff and hearing from you on the sites.I know we are all so busy. Wish you the best on your contest!!I know you work hard and deserve it!!!!