Tuesday, August 12, 2008

16 Candles...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS! He might look like a "man-boy", but Chris has finally turned 16!!! Since his birthday was the last day of summer break and we are buying him his letterman's jacket as his birthday gift, it was a pretty quiet celebration. Chris had a few friends over for dinner... with the menu that he chose... My homemade hamburgers and his favorite tuna noodle casserole... WHAT a combination!!!

Anna was trying as hard as she could to blow out Chris' candles, so he had to keep her mouth closed! Holding Anna is Chris' new "friend" Nicola. Of course, neighbors and "adopted sons" Corey and Ryan hammed it up for the camera. And, yes, even big kids like Chris still like to hug their Dad!!! (I love that picture!!!)


Laurajean said...

Happy Birthday Chris...WOW, 16!!!!!! So darn handsome, Tracey ;)
Awesome photos!!!

Pamela Ann said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!! Hope he had a great time .Looks like fun party!!! HMMMM,16 candles.That sounds like agood title for a movie :o)