Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY (day after) HALLOWEEN!!! We had a wonderful "fright night" here in Escondido! All day Anna and I ran last minute errands and set up the final decorations. I cooked a huge pot of my special homemade chili and cornbread with honey butter, lit the candles and got our little Princess dressed. Anna was NOT happy about the curlers in her hair, but she LOVED getting a little bit of makeup... "like the REAL Princess Belle!"

We always overdo the decorations (can you imagine!). Yes, we have Halloween lights along the eaves of the house, Jeff builds the HUGE spider web right in front of the kitchen window so I can see the 4' big spider everyday while cooking. We even had a few real spiders take up residence in Jeff's web this year... YUCK! Jeff has built a few tombstones for our haunted graveyard... complete with a vacant grave and a "Space Available" sign on the tombstone, and skeletons popping out of the other graves... one even lights up... scary!!! Jeff's new toy, his fog machine, was GREAT last night and kept a nice layer of ground fog hovering around the graveyard!!! Since Jeff will be finishing up the yard construction soon, this will be the last year of the graveyard with dug up graves!
Anna's favorite decoration is the huge (8 feet tall) blow up ghost that lights up... she calls him, "Ghosty" and hugs him everyday when he turns on.

I am guessing we had about 130 people trick or treat here last night. For the first time, both Jess and Chris had plans, so I stayed home to pass out candy and Jeff took Princess Anna to trick or treat. Anna had a great time and stopped to "oh and ah" over every baby that passed by!

Now, although I didn't dress in a full costume last night, I got in the spirit... the Rusty Pickle spirit. Hey Chefs, recognize my bandana? :-) Hope you all had a fun night... now, time to get the lists started and get the credit cards limbered up... less than 8 weeks until Christmas...


Beckie said...

Ooo look at that big marshmellow man! Cool!! Love your wee one she is such a cutie!
And that big spider ... now that is too yuk!!!
Glad to see things getting back to normal!

Cami said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE pics! Love Ghosty and the closeups of Anna! And you look too cute in your pirate princess shirt! ;)

Rachelle said...

What an awesome display.....It is fantastic. No one here in Australia goes to any trouble to set up decorations - there are some trick or treaters, but thats about it.
I would love to see more photos of your decorations - they sound so cool!

cornellgj said...

what great photos! love the RP shirt! i got one of those too!

P.S. you've been tagged! check out my blog for details!

kathie_d said...

OMG love the fabulous pics...looks like a fun time! And you look awesome in your pirate shirt too!

MsGrace said...

love your pictures!! Really fun!