Thursday, November 22, 2007

My 3-year-old... A SCRAPPER! Woo Hoo!!!

I just HAD to brag about this one!! :-) Anna is a scrapper. As you can imagine, I spend quite a bit of time in my garage studio doing my work, so I have a table set up for Anna... sitting right next to mine... where she can do her "homework" as she calls it. She draws. She colors. She LOVES to cut paper into a million little pieces with her "Baby Anna scissors," pick up the pieces and INK the edges with my Tim Holtz ink pads. :-) She loves to play with my Herma tape runner. AND she has finally put all of these things together.

I created a mini album for my Uncle Paul's birthday. Anna decided that she needed to create something for him, too, so she started cutting, inking, taping... she found scraps of trim and she spent a LONG time searching through my 10 pounds of buttons to find the PERFECT ones... she even pulled out my mini glue dots and started applying them to the back of my buttons (as she as seen me do a million times!) Anna has 2 funny habbits when she scraps... when she is concentrating very hard, she doesn't realize it, but she sticks out her tongue. She also becomes deaf... (as many of us do when we scrap... we get so involved with creating that the outside world ceases to exsist sometimes). Yep, Anna has that trait COVERED! :-)

Pictured here is the final effort... this is actually her 3rd "layout." The first one she made for Santa because, "I want to make him happy with me so he will bring lots of presents." The 2nd was for her BFF, Catalina. Anna is sharing her layout with Papa (Jeff's Dad in the cream) and with Uncle Paul in the sweatshirt.
Can I have a "Wooooo Hooooo!" :-)

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