Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Project 365 - HOLY COW... Player of the Game, Athlete of the Week for NCTimes & Union Tribune... AND UNCLE PAUL!!! WOW!

WHAT A WEEK!  This story starts last Friday, September 10th with the GRAND OPENING of the new OGHS football stadium and our first football game on the new field!  The Patriots played Crawford and what a home opener it was!  51-0... Patriots!  Chris had an AMAZING game... making 3 touchdowns in the first 3 minutes of the game (2 of them were called back, but the 3rd one stuck!)  He ended up with 3 touchdowns (that counted) and 208 yards on 10 plays. 

The game-end celebration started with our boys rushing from the field to the front of the stands... singing the Alma Mater at the top of their lungs... to the parents... and we were all cheering right along with them!  After a team meeting, Chris was interviewed on camera in the middle of the field... then led up to the skybox to do an interview for new online football broadcasting service, See his interview HERE!  I have to say, we've watched the players before Chris... Andy Early and Dana Walker, most recently... we've cheered and jumped around and been so proud of our Patriot boys, but there is something that just wells up when it is your son...the pride... the love... the excitement... I'm sure it is because it is his senior year, but I see him out there and I can almost see a dual movie screen in my vision... him playing the game and him as a toddler... Where in the heck did the past 18 years go?  I can tell that this is going to be one emotional year... Lord help us!

On an exciting side note, the media actually noticed Orange Glen and both the North County Times and the Union Tribune named Chris as one of their Athletes of the Week!  

On an even MORE exciting side note, Jeff's Dad and Uncle Paul were here for the game!!!  We only get to see Uncle Paul every other year (he lives in Michigan) and he was here for the whole weekend, so it was really something special!

On Saturday, (911) we decided to drive down to San Diego and visit the Midway (we love the self guided tour!).  This incredible warship, commissioned 10 days after the end of WWII, was the location of several tributes for 911.  We happened to be there after the morning event ended and before the afternoon event started.  This photo is of the flag bearers going through a rehearsal... lots of security around... and lots of veterans, too.

We enjoyed tours of the Bridge and Captain's Quarters.  A quick visit and then off to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack... YUMMMMM!!!  The weekend with Uncle Paul was full of laughter, long conversations, teasing, good food and better company... oh, and lots of football! Thanks for the visit, Uncle Buck... I mean, Uncle Paul ;-)... and don't take so long to come back out for your next visit!  WE LOVE YOU!!!

(Uncle Paul is such a kick in the pants! 
He let Anna wet and comb his hair... could you just kiss that lovable guy!?)

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Jessica said...

You are so lucky to have him! I hope you scrap a lot about him! TFS