Thursday, July 17, 2008

Johan Bruyneel... YEP, We Met Him!

Jeff is a HUGE cycling fan and rider. He has been riding his mountain and road bikes since he was a kid. I knew nothing about the cycling world until I met Jeff and now look forward to watching the Tour de France each July and going to the new Tour of California each February. So, when I heard that the Team Director for Team Postal/Discovery (Lance Armstrong's team) had written a book and was going to be doing a book signing 10 minutes from our vacation in Mission Bay, I signed us up!!! It was an absolute MIRACLE that Johan Bruyneel would be in the United States during the Tour, much less in San Diego. It was a packed house and Johan shared several great stories about his days as a professional cyclist, his Lance days, and what he is doing now. He said he was on his way to France to join the Versus crew and help with commentating... sooooo cool!!!

Here are a few pictures of the event. Anna was a trooper, but a bit shy when asked to meet and pose with Johan. He was very sweet and said he had a 4-year-old himself, but Anna ran over to me just as I started snapping pictures. It was a GREAT afternoon and it was a pleasure to get to meet the great Johan Bruyneel!!!

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Eileen said...

That's a GREAT picture of Jeff! He looks so happy and healthy! Can't wait to see him at's only been a year! :-)