Friday, July 11, 2008

Adventure and RUSTY CHA TEASER...

We live a few miles from the Wild Animal Park and are members of the Zoological Society, so we love to stop by the park and see what's new. They have a new water play area for the kids... Anna LOVED it! The lions were out and REALLY CLOSE and the gorillas were sooooo funny teasing eachother with a blanket! This is a layout I recently completed using the Crop Addict July kit. Hope you like it!

We have been uber busy this week... so much going on with Chris and his football and basketball and I am working on my MMMasters entry. I know how hard it is to win one of these HUGE contests, but the only way to assure you won't win is not to try! I have 2 of the 5 layouts done, including the "I Believe" layout. Boy am I going to miss that one (you have to send in the original layout for the "I Believe" theme and you don't get it back unless it gets published.) The technique I did on that layout took 4 hours, so I won't be making a 2nd copy... I will just get the best photo copy I can and add that to my book!!!

Next up... RUSTY PICKLE CHA SNEAK PEAKS!!! I've seen the 5 new lines and they are FANTASTIC! I can't WAIT to get my hands on them so I can start playing!!! I think I can share the line names... "Bottle Rockets" - the beautiful and rich colors of this patriotic line is a mid-show release. If you haven't seen it, you are missing out!!! "Candy Land" and "Brass Knuckles"... These are new and edgy! "Costume Party", "White Christmas" and "Chocolate Covered Cherries" round out the new holiday themed lines. But there is SO MUCH MORE!!! New albums, shaped papers, alpha stickers, hardware, rub ons, chipboard, AND A NEW LINE OF BLING!!!

Thanks for checking in and have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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