Wednesday, April 16, 2008

26 seconds...

Yesterday was Chris' 3rd ever swim meet and he ROCKED THE HOUSE! (At least in my eyes he did!) Chris swam the 100 free in 26 seconds and came in 2nd by less than a second... by the reach, actually... he did a typical new swimmer mistake by reaching up and over for the wall instead of down and up. At least that is what the coach said!

Then it was on to the 200 freestyle relay. Chris was the 2nd swimmer up. He started his 50 meters about 2 body lengths behind the first place team. By the end of 25 meters, he had caught up and passed the other swimmer. Chris was on fire! As soon as he got out of the water, the coaches moved Chris up to the 1st string relay team, who was only 4 seconds away from auto qualification for CIF... the coaches think Chris can make up those 4 seconds for the team! WOOO HOOOO! Who knew swimming could be so exciting!? :-)

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Pamela Ann said...

Great job Chris!!! Love that photo!!