Thursday, January 17, 2008


I had to pop in today to share the story of a basketball team that could. Chris made the Varsity basketball team this year, as a freshman, and we were thrilled. Yes, this picture is Chris doing his thing!! It is a new year, a new coach and a team that is working their tushes off!!! After a nightmare of a season last year where they lost every single game (0-25), this year they are 9-9... and are being recongnized for their big turn around in the local press. Our Rowdy Crowd now has something to cheer about, and CHEER they do!! The team has big hopes... GO OGHS!!!

Here is the link to the San Diego Union Tribune article... Chris is the one about to wipe the sweat from his brow...
Here is the link to the North County Times article. The great part about this article are the reader comments at the end... GREAT support for the team!! "Diego" is our Principal! He is AWESOME and so supportive of our boys!


Pamela Ann said...

WOW!! Tracey tell Chris how proud we are of him. I never met him but I sure feel like I know him :o)

Laura Miller said...

WOOHOO Chris...thats awesome!!!!