Friday, October 8, 2010


It is appropriate that the last post here on my blog (because I am so far behind) is from my birthday just a few weeks ago. Jeff and I shared 17 days of wonderful bliss, together, in our 40's... and now, today, JEFF IS 50!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET HUSBAND.

Yes, I have a lot to say and to share on this wonderful and special day, but it is a surprise, so I can't post it here... today... Jeff might be watching...

Also, I would be remiss in my motherly duties if I did not say, GO OGHS!!! BEAT SP AND BRING BACK THE BEAR!!! "The Battle of the Bear" is a long time, cross town rivalry that will be played tonight at our home stadium! It sure is going to be a GREAT night! GOOD LUCK, PATRIOTS!!!

Gotta run... lots of last minute details to pull together!!!

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