Tuesday, December 9, 2008


SERIOUSLY!!! Chris is constantly surprising us with his sports talent! Last night was the Football awards banquet. It was BEAUTIFUL and a fun and emotional night! Here are Chris' acheivements (as spoken by a very proud Mom!)...

* 2nd Team All Valley League Tight End! (The process to name the All League players is pretty interesting! All of the coaches from the league get together and discuss/petition for/decided who will be awarded the best (1st team) player for each position and the second best (2nd team) player. This is a HUGE honor and to be named an All League Player as a Sophomore... WOW!!!)

* Highest number of receiving yards on the team this SEASON!!!

* Chris, and the starting offensive line, were all named Offensive MVPs of the year.

We are so proud of Chris! We are already in the thick of Varsity Basketball preseason. The boys recently beat cross town rival San Pasqual HS and just placed 3rd in their first tournament (we missed playing for the Championship by 1 POINT!!!) Here is a fun picture of Chris, mid-air, going up for a shot and VERY OBVIOUSLY being fouled... they didn't call the foul... he made the shot even though his right wrist is being HELD and the two guys are both holding him by the waist. I guess it takes a lot to keep Chris down!!!
Lots to do around here... off to see Jeff's Oncologist, Dr. Miller, for the last time this afternoon. He is moving onto another project. Jeff is still part of a chemo study and will be meeting with the team for the next few years. He is part of the control group and the way we look at it, the more blood tests and reviews that they do, the earlier they will catch anything if it DARES to show it's nasty little cancer head again! :-) Have a GREAT afternoon!!!

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